Size isn’t everything

For us all clients are big. Regardless of how experienced & resourceful an agency may be, it is nothing without good projects and great clients. VIA is proud to have worked with some of the best.



Shamballa Logo

Danish Jewelry Company.

VIA did production work for Shamballa during the grand opening of their New York flagship store. VIA was the local liaison and in charge of catering, sponsorship and photography. Shamballa is a recurring client. 


Umwelt logo

Danish Advertising agency.

Location scouting for office space and consultancy work. UMWELT is a current client. VIA’s main job is to do location scouting for them and together with some of NYC’s best real estate brokers, find their future office.


Logo Format_1

Danish luxury sneaker brand

US PR & distributor. House of Montague is a returning client. VIA helps find retail locations in the US through out network.



Danish advertising & design agency.

ACE Hotel book project. NYC provided contact information and personal introduction.


Danish TV production company.

VIA was the liason for the SBS producers and NYC contacts. VIA was in charge of the pre-production for their project in NYC.


4 Stars Travel

Danish reality TV program.

VIA acted as the local manager & coordinator for their project in NYC. Location scouting. Booking facilities. Hiring photographers & stylists. Hotel reservations & transportation.


Danish fashion publication.

Communications manager. VIA acted as a temporary satelite office and NYC contact for the client. VIA assisted in selling advertising space & promotion to top US fashion houses like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein & Tom Ford. VIA produced an event for the client, launching an new issue of Vs magazine at the Bowery Hotel in  NYC and was responsible for sponsors, sound and overall production.


Consultancy work. Research work for the vice consule in NYC in connection with an export campain of Danish fashion & design in the US market with focus on NYC.


NYC fashion designer & stylist.

Known for her work on Sex & The City as well as her NYC stores. VIA was intrumental in booking her for an event with In Wear/ Matinique in Denmark.


Helena Christensen (Christensen & Sigersen)

Danish model & photographer.

Assisted in establishing of concept store for Ms. Christensen in the West Village in  NYC. PR & TV work. Contact person for the Danish brands sold in the store.


Danish fashion designer.

Responsible for finding financial & merchant sponsors for the client’s fashion shows & collections.


German fashion brand.

Coordinator for client’s NYC pop-up showroom. VIA was responsible for full production & establishment of temporary showroom & event space.